Editing the Seating Chart

This is a continuation of the Setup page.

This page contains instructions on how to edit the Seating Chart itself. The Chart Editor is only visible to groups and users marked as Global Editors in the Confluence Administration. See this page for more details.


To access the editor, click the Edit button. Edit button You page should now look something like this: Screenshot of chart viewer

Managing Floors and Buildings

Using the Building Configuration Menu you can add, delete, reorder, and rename floors and buildings. You can create as many floors and buildings as you like, which you will be able to drag users onto via the sidebar.

Click the Configure Buildings button to open the menu. Configure Buildings button You should see a menu like the one below: Configure Buildings menu

Rename, Delete, and Change Background

To expand the building to show floors, click the Triangle button to the left of the building name. You should now see the full contents of the building. Hovering over floors and buildings will reveal more buttons that will let you configure aspects of the floor/building. Expanded building

  • Rename button - Lets you rename the floor or building you are hovering over.
  • Delete button - Lets you delete the floor or building you are hovering over.
  • Change image button - Lets you change the background image of the floor you are hovering over (buildings don't have a background to change).

Reordering Buildings and Floors

You can also reorder the buildings and floors using the grabber grabber on the right of each floor and building entry. Just click and drag the grabber, and you'll see a red line indicating where the floor or building will be placed. Reorder

You can move floors between two buildings if you have both expanded!

Reordering affects the order of buildings and floors in the dropdown menu. For example, dragging Floor 3 above Floor 1 will cause the Floor dropdown menu to look like this: Reorder floors

Changing Floor Backgrounds

The floor background can be changed in two ways. Either via the Change Image button (mentioned previously) or by clicking the Change Floor Image button on the bottom bar (changes the background of the current floor). Change floor image button

This will open the Change Floor Image Menu. From here, you will be able to upload a new image to used as the background for the floor you selected. Change floor image menu


Using background images smaller than 1000x1000 pixels are not recommended. Smaller images give you less space to place users.

The background you upload should have enough space between desks so users can be placed without overlapping. Ideally, there should at least 100x100px of space between desks. Spacing diagram

Placing Users

To place a user from the sidebar, simply click and drag them onto the chart.

Placing user

Placed user

Moving and Deleting Users

Moving a user is also easy. Clicking and dragging the users on the chart will let you move them wherever you please.

Moving user

Moved user