Seating Chart Setup

This page describes how to set editors and how to get the Seating Chart to load into a Confluence page.

Setting Editors

Before using the Seating Chart, you should specify who has the ability to edit it.


If there are no editors set, anyone with access to the macro can edit the chart.

Navigate to the Confluence Administration section in your Confluence instance. Next, click the Configuration option under Seating Chart divider in the left column. Screenshot of admin sidebar

Then, click the search bar under the Global Seating Chart Editors section to start searching for users and groups. Screenshot of admin editor selector

The groups/users you select will be authorized to make edits to the chart, and an edit button will appear the next time they load the Seating Chart.

Adding the Chart to a Page

The Seating Chart works by adding a macro to a page which then loads the chart. So, you will need to designate a page for the macro to load into.

Once you are on the page you want to add the chart to, click the Edit button. Then select the Insert more Content button Insert more content button and then select Other Macros at the bottom of the list.

Next, search for "Seating Chart" in the search bar, click the Seating Chart option that pops up, and press Insert. Screenshot of macro in the Macro Browser

The macro should now be visible in the Confluence page editor. Once you save the page changes and you will be ready to initialize the Seating Chart.

Initializing the Chart

Initializing the chart is quite simple. When the page with the macro loads, press the Create Sample button and the page will reload with a sample building set. Screenshot of initializing the chart

Proceed to Editing the Chart to learn the basics of editing your Seating Chart.